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Niks Homestay Kok Lanas


Nik Homestay menyediakan penginapan yang SELESA, MURAH di pekan Kok lanas, Ketereh, Kelantan

MIOR Homestay Wakaf Bharu (7D0114)

Wakaf Baru

Welcome To MIOR Homestay Wakaf Bharu
Wakaf Bharu is a small town in Tumpat district, Kelantan, Malaysia. Beside the mosque and several surau, there is also a church in Wakaf Bharu. More than 90 percent at this area are Malays and Muslims. Wakaf Bharu becomes crowded on Friday because there is a well-known market called “Friday Market” near “Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu” or Wakaf Bharu Big Market. Two primary schools called “Sekolah Kebangsaan Wakaf Bharu” and “Sekolah Sri Wakaf Bharu” and a secondary school called “Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Wakaf Bharu” are located here.

DEALOVA Homestay Bayan Lepas (7P0071)

Bayan Lepas

Welcome To DEALOVA Homestay Bayan Lepas
Sungai Ara is a big township located in Penang, Malaysia. The name Sungai Ara comes from a river flow through the town from the hill behind it. It is located near the Penang International Airport. Sungai Ara is famed for its 2​1⁄2 storey houses and houses on the hill with private backyards (Changkat Sungai Ara), and it is also known for its double storey terrace houses.

Sebarang pertanyaan boleh menghubungi :
Puan Ila: 6010-4414734
Tuan Zul: 6016-3074734


Kuala Terengganu

 Suasana keadaan kampung di bandar KT??
Rindukan ketenangan dan kesejukan suasana kampung??

Homestay untuk penginapan keluarga
Rumah kampung melayu (kayu & besar)
Lokasi : E-387 Lorong Merpati ,Durian Burung
Kuala Terengganu.

Kampar Homestay @ The Trails Of Kampar


This nice uk styled town houses gives you a completely different environment compared to any other terrace house or condos. Peaceful environment that u can walk around enjoying the peaceful green scenery. Well guarded safe area with minimum outsiders.. You can enjoy a swim and have a tan. The fresh air, space,hazzlefree and the peaceful feeling.. Basically makes u forget about the outside world. A unique homestay that you will miss after u try.. Is a must try and experience home stay :)


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